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Jishu-jinja Shrine

What is Jishu-jinja Shrine

Jishu-jinja Shrine locates in the East area of Kyoto and famous of matchmaking. This shrine defies three generations of founding gods of Japan.

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The shrine was already famous as matchmaking shrine in Edo period, and it says many of young people came for their love.


The location of the shrine is next to Kiyomizu temple (famous of Kiyomizu stage), so before modern period the shrine was treated as a belonging to Kiyomizu temple. But as the separation of temple and shrine in the modern history, it becomes a independent shrine. Jishu-jinja Shrine seems like there was in there before Kiyomizu temple. It says the shrine was established myth age. It sounds illogical but there is an interesting proof of that oral epic. The stones of the shrine and its famous love telling stone were analyzed by radioactive dating; the result says the construction was at least 5,000 years ago. (Around 16,500 B.C. to 3,000 B.C.)

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  1. Grace of Jishu-jinja Shrine: The main God of the shrine is a benevolent god who helped a rabbit was in a trouble. And he hopes happiness of the living things by helping matchmaking.
  2. Preying place: A drum’s widely resound sound of the shrine removes unhappiness and give us better opportunities for the life. With the wish, beat 3 times the drum, it helps to tell to the god your wish.
  3. Love telling stone:You walks between the two stones, closing your eye. If you could reach to one another, it says your love will realize. The person who reached without any advice, that means the love will realize sooner. The person reached with advices of others, the love will be help the another persons.
  4. Doll purification:It is an event which was continued since 8th century. A person writes a problem to a human form paper and blesses it. Then flow or put that substitute figure into water. When the figure dissolves into water, the problem will disappear.


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