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Sakura Festival

What is Sakura Festival

During the spring cherry blossom season, the each local area in Japan holds many festivals mainly to enjoy the sight.

Sakura Festival

Cherry blossom

Cherry tree is widely planted and natural grows all over Japan. Its blossom blooms in short period in each area. The blossom falls within two weeks, and it build Japanese sense of the season. Its pretty beauty falls within the short time, which liken as a human fleeting life.

During the cherry blossom season, a traditional picnic is to enjoy foods and drinks under the cherry tree which calls “Ohanami”. It is really tasteful to enjoy Sake under the tree in this season, but if it does with a number of the people, it’ll be a boisterous merry-making in many cases.

Sakura Festival


The origine of “Ohanami” can go back to Aristocrats event during the Heian period. During the Nara period (710-794) Ohanami was with plum blossom. But it changed little by little to cherry blossom. In the Japan's oldest anthology of poems appear 40 cherry blossom poems and 100 plum blossom poems. However, 10th century’s anthology of poems appear cherry blossom poems has majority comparing with plume blossom poems. Around this period the word blossom started to recognize as cherry blossom “Ohanami” became popular within public during the Edo period (1603-1868)

Sakura Festival

Cherry blossom Festivals

  • Maruyama Park in the center of the park there is a large “Gion Shidare Sakura” cherry tree, and its start to bloom over 900 cherry trees from the middle of the March
  • Daigoji temple the temple is famous of “Ohanami” as famous shogun, Hideyoshi Toyotom hold Ohanami in the temple too. More than 1000 cherry trees with variety of breeds such as early to late blooms are there.
  • Hirano shrine There are 400 cherry blossoms of 50 varieties. You can enjoy different blossoms in a place. The 10th of April is the day of an parade with ancient costume, walks around the area.
  • Ninnaji templethis temple has a cherry tree “Omuro Sakura” which is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage. It has the height only two to three meters, and other 500 cherry blossoms decollate the most famous one.
  • ArashiyamaArashiyama area locates to the west side of the Kyoto city. The area is a place of scenic beauty which is specified by the government. More than 1500 cherry trees and other green make gorgeous sight for all seasons.
  • Kiyomizu temple during the cherry bloom season, the temple colors by cherry blossom. The view of high lighted temple during the season should not miss.
  • Heianjinguthe South and the East garden area of the shrine are good point for cherry blossoms. The best part of the season in the shrine is the sight which totally covers your overhead by blossoms through walking.
  • Gion Shirakawa street along the street there are only 40 cherry trees. But it is so beautiful especially night time lighted up trees and historical street view.
  • Kyoto Gyoen around 1100 cherry trees are planted and it is famous as a national garden.
Sakura Festival

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