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Nishi-honganji Temple

What is Nishi-honganji Temple

Nishi-honganji temple locates near Kyoto station which is registered as the World Heritage of UNESCO. The original name of Nishi-honganji is “Ryukokuzan Honganji”.

Nishihonganji temple in kyoto


The temple was established in 1272. However the Enryakuji temple (one of the most powerful sanctuary of Buddhism in Japan) hates them and the location was changed various times. The actual location was a gift of Shogunate Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1591.

Nishihonganji temple history in kyoto sightseeing


The temple showing a large figure as something like a castle, the inside is arranged as Shogunate Hideyoshi Toyotomi liked which is gorgeous.

  1. Basically, the buildings are gorgeous but especially “Hakushoin” is different. Statue of peacock of the entrance, then please look up. By the room, its ornaments will be more and more. The heart room is made with the finest class ornament on the top. There is a drum on the corner of the North East for time signal and other notification. The place is famous of Shinsengumi (it says the strongest Samurai group) was related.
  2. The national treasure giraffe ornament of the south gate.
  3. Four devils statue of Mikage building is more than 370 years supported the building.
  4. huge maidenhair tree in front Mikage building has more than 370 years old and the autumn it leafs changes into gold.
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