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Zen Zazen kyoto

maiko in kyoto

What is zen kyoto

“Zen” is one of the denominations of Buddhism. The main denomination calls “Sotoshu” and “Rinzaishu”.

It started to spread which is not possible to write down. It says the idea is a monk “bodhidharma” and we call “Daruma”.
After the idea cames to Japan, it deepen more and more, which affected strongly to Japanese whole culture.

Something plus “Do” in Japanese, almost every thing are affected by such as “Aikido”, “Kado”, “Judo”, “Kodo”, etc.
The Do’s point in common is to control your self, concentrate and reach to extreme.

Zen & Wabi Sabi

Unique idea of Japan, Wabi Sabi is really difficult idea to express even in Japanese for foreigners.

It is so unique and indistinct intangible image. This could be an obstacle for understanding Japanese culture.

Wabi, Sabi is acceptance of transience and imperfection which never fills and lives understanding that with modestly.

In Japanese culture this is important Wabi Sabi mind and it is to concentration, to calm the mind, to reconsider by your self, and to train the mind like Sado.

It seems like Japanese was founding a beauty even in the end of life or things like falling blossoms.

There is no clear description of Wabi Sabi in anywhere.

The negative beauty is in Japanese culture as same as normal beauty.

What is Zazen

“Za” means sit down in Japanese. In a Japanese dictionary says “calm and impassive to anything”. This is Zazen’s “Za” mean.
Zen of Zazen came from it denomination.
It means mind and body fuse with stable breathing. So sitting (Za) and doing Zen is Zazen.

The Buddhism Denomination, Zen‘s Zazen is indispensable part. Zen’s ultimate goal is experience Buddha’s spiritual awaking by them.
There is no Buddha truth outside. It is in our selves and awaking by training people disentangle from pain. In short word, Zazen is important to do.

Zazen Let's do it

Zazen image

  1. Hold right leg and pull it to stomach.
  2. The right top of foot put on over left thigh.
  3. The right foot thenar should face to up.
  4. The left leg do the same. Both knees should touch to the floor to be stable.

Personal appearance of Maiko Kyoto

The official way to do Zazen prepare floor cushion and thick smaller cushion “Zaniku”.

Zazen Preparation


Basically, not tight wear which is able to relax.
Accessories, socks, stockings should remove. Too thin dressing or too thick dressing is not acceptable.

Arrangement of Posture

When your hands and legs are ready, try to find your stable comfortable position.
The posture straightens the back, stomach slightly forward.
The shoulder and ear should be vertical.

Hand should be...

From Minarai-san to the end of 1st year Maiko put lipstick only on lower lip.
As maturing, she puts lipstick in upper and lower lips. Basically, she put less makeup until 2nd year of Maiko.

Eye line

First of all, look away the front and then put the point of view to floor 1.5 meters away.
Then half close the eyelids and do not move the eye line. Pull the chin, and close the mouse.

Foot should be...

There two types to make legs form, the “Ketsukafuza” which is already mentioned previously and “Hankafuza” which makes form just right leg. If there is difficulty to do the both legs, use Hankafuza.


Breathing slowly to calm the mind calls “Chosoku”. Close the mouse and breathe out from nose, first.
Try to breathe out evertything of you and the thought, too. As long as you can, breathe out and breathe in slowly. Repeat this some times. While doing this fresh air reach to everywhere of the body and it is important preparation before Zazen.
Continue it until your mind is relaxed and calmed.

How long Zazen

Normally it says a set is about 40 - 60 min. However, a beginner is difficult to keep Zazen for long time.
The first step is to keep Zazen controlling body, breathing, mind as it should be even for 5 -10 min.
Do Zazen when ever you want except after meal, hungry and tired. Our modern life is full of

Zen and Health topics

Zen and Health

With Zen training, it helps to activate the brain and Zazen training helps to keep mental health too.
It seems like Zen monk have long life as they are released from physical and mental stress.
And it says building stress makes more active enzyme.
Active enzyme is one of the aging causative agents. Removing stress with Zazen training helps to make less active enzyme.

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