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Seimei-jinja Shrine

What is Seimei-jinja Shrine

Seimei-jinja Shrine locates in the north area of the Kyoto city deifies Seimei Abe who is one of the most famous Onmyoji.

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Onmyoji is a Government official servant of Onmyoryo where takes place of the modern culture’s; Department of Science, Meteorological Agency, University for bureaucrats, Astronomers to make calendars and controls time, Department of Divination, etc.


Seimei Abe was the first on the list of Onmyoji as his sharmanic skill and accountant skill. After his death, the emperor of at that time established a shrine for him. It says the first construction, the land was huge and shrine was also great. However continuous fire and war, it had been almost ruined. After 1869 AD, started rearrange and renewal the shrine, what’s more expanded the land. After 1989 Heisei period, Seimei Abe’s life became a film, novels and manga, his name became more popular than any other period as same as when he was alive.

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The grace of the shrine

It says the pentagram (five pointed star) is the holly crest of the shrine symbolize the five elements that form all things in the universe. The theory of the Five Elements implies, which is tree, fire, soil, metal, and water. The spring water of the shrine made by Seimei’s supernatural power and if you drink it, helps to keep your body stronger against malignant. The priest of the shrine adjusts the spring intake direction to maximize the grace of the water every year.

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