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Otaimatsu-shiki of Saga-Shakado

What is Otaimatsu-shiki of Saga-Shakado

Seiryoji temple (Saga-Shakado in other name), hold annual fire festival at 15th of March.


This festival is known as one of the three fire festivals as same as “Daimonji Okuribi” and “Fire Festival of kuramaji temple” which is a local traditional festival taking over since ancient time.


During the early Heian period (794-1185), established a temple and deified a statue of a Buddha. It says this is the origin of Shakado building of the temple. The statue was brought from the continent and it is registered as one of the national treasures. This event has origin from the myth of Buddhism that Buddha was burned when he was dead. This event divines the agricultural wealth bad luck. And it says during the Edo period they divine the fluctuation in the rise market. Actually, people fire with their wish.



The festival held in the open space in front of the main building. And many stands appears for the festival. After a ceremony in the main building, people who are related with the temple walk around the open space and fire to the large torch. Three torches prepare and the fire will reach to around 7 meters height.
Seasonally, before the festival starts it is little cold but once it starts it’s not cold anymore. It says the fire’s spirit tells the result of rice growth.
It is also divine the stock market recently, instead of the rice market.
Before starting the festival, firewalkers are standing by over the gate. They are taking care just in the case and to light up the open space for the festival at the same time.

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