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Jidai Festival

What is Jidai Festival

Jidai Festival is a festival of Heian-jingu (Heian shrine), is three major festival of Kyoto but if you compare with other two (Gion festival and Aoi festival) the festival is new.

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Heian-jingu is founded in 1895. It was started as a commemoration of the civil society organizations for the management of the Shrine. In order of the government to be a grand festival, historic pageant dating back the customs of Kyoto, Tokyo transferring the capital previously been proposed. The first festival was Oct. 25th in 1895. And the second time changes the date to Oct. 22nd the date of the emperor changed the capital from Nara to Kyoto (Heian period). The festival does continues from 15th to 23rd of Oct. every year.

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The parade of the festival is separated into eight historical periods; Meiji period, Edo period, Azuchi-momoyama period, Muromachi period, Yoshino period, Kamakura period, Hujiwara period in order of new to old. And each period parade is wear the costume and transportation of at that time. The main part of the festival, comes the end of the parade, is the shrine parade.

The parade is fully enjoyable by just looking however if you are able to recognize some of the famous historical people, it will be really interesting festival. The costumes and other details are the help of the association of the history, reappeared as possible as they can. For example, some of the kimono are using the finest quality brand as same as the history tells us.

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