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What is Kitano-tenmangu

Kitano-tenmangu (Kitano-tenmangu shrine), locates the North West area of Kyoto.

Kitano Tenmangu in kyoto japan

The God “Michizane Sugawara” of the shrine is famous of the studying (especially school test). And the shrine is famous of Japanese apricot blossom, too.


Since childhood Michizane Sugawara was good at studying. He was one of the aristocrats and one of the most important minister but he was punished and after that he was died cause of the punishment. Later, Kyoto was affected by disasters and people thought the cause is Michizane Sugawara as he was punished by false charge, is planed Fujiwara Family. The shrine was built to calm the disaster of Michizane. The shrine has also another important function.
The shrine has mission to prey for the national tranquil by imperial order. And the shrine can be say headquarter of the shrines all over Japan. In Edo period when started a public educational system “Teragoya”, the picture of the Michizane became more popular with hanging scroll of the school.

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The temple showing a large figure as something like a castle, the inside is arranged as Shogunate Hideyoshi Toyotomi liked which is gorgeous.

  1. Carry out studing It says strocking the head of cow statue of the shrine, it helps you to tell your wish of studying to the god.
  2. Luck with money There is a Mahakala (incarnation of Mahesvara) statue. If a stone could keep inside of its mouth, please keep the stone in your wallet. There is bad thing as everybody tried, scuffed the figure. Please be careful not to break
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