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Kyoto Cuisine

Kyoto is also famous for its cuisine. “Kyo-ryori”, the local-style delicate cuisine of Kyoto, has been beloved by visitors and foreign travelers. Kyo-ryori uses a variety of local seasonal ingredients, reflecting Kyoto’s unique climate, culture and history. Some traditional cuisine we recommend you try in Kyoto include Shojin-ryori (a fresh vegetarian dish, boiled tofu being major part of it), Kaiseki-ryori (traditional Japanese meal in courses, originally related to the tea ceremony), and Obanzai (Kyoto-style home cooking).

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Kyoto Sweets

You can enjoy the diversity of fine Japanese traditional sweets in Kyoto. You are expected to enjoy these refreshments using your five senses - not only taste and smell, but also see, hear and touch to fully experience them. Some key ingredients of Kyoto sweets include red bean (used for sweet bean paste), yam (which is used for steamed bun), flour (which is made from cooked glutinous rice) and cinnamon (to add subtle flavor).

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Japanese Kyotosweets

Green Tea in KyotoJapan

Green Tea

Uji, a city located on the southern outskirt of Kyoto city, is considered one of the most major tea producing areas of Japan. Uji is particularly famous for its matcha (premium green tea powder) and high-quality green tea. Matcha is the tea that is used in the traditional tea ceremony.

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Kyoto Pickles (Tsukemono)

Japanese pickles (tsukemono) are preserved vegetables fermented in salt, rice bran, vinegar, or sake lees. They are usually served as a side dish for traditional meal with rice and miso-soup. Kyoto is famous for its turnip pickles products that are characterized by their refined, lightly seasoned taste.

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Here you can find the information about other types of unique food, such as Kyoto-style sushi, sake brewing in Kyoto, and various types of seasonings and spices that are produced in Kyoto.

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