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Unique Culture of Kyoto

In Kyoto, there are many buildings of high historical value. Lately, some rows of houses disappear with modernization of Kyoto however, shrines and temples are saved, have restored repeatedly and carefully.

For Gion festivals which is one of the three major festival of Kyoto, the high modern buildings are limited its looks and structures in some area. Traffic signals are movable and electric wires are filled under the ground. The best point of the Kyoto culture is people and the government is able to protect and inherit the culture.

There is own way between the people. This is a famous story about Kyoto in Japan If you are visiting somebody in Kyoto, and the host invites you for “Ochazuke”, that means the host telling you the time is to go indirectly. Generally, this means “Today, I didn’t prepare you to entertain, so please come back in another day”. There is a determination to inform subtly.

Actually, a visit during the meal time is not a good manner in Japan, ‘cause you are interrupting the time of the host. So Kyoto people invite easy food when they want to ask politely.

The way of communication of the Kyoto people is subtly and they try harmless option. If you don’t know, it looks strange and difficult to sympathize, so sometimes others say Kyoto people are tiresome.

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The most famous Events!
Please, look at before your travel and planning

Fude Hajime [2nd-4th]Kitano-tenmangu
Kemari Hajime [3rd] Shimogamo shrine
Toshi-ya [15th] Sanju-sangen-do
Setsubun [2nd-25th] Mibu temple
Baika Festival [25th] Kitano-tenmangu
Nagashi Bina [3rd] Shimogamo Shrine
Miyayo Odori [1st] Gion-kobu-kaburenjo
Mibu Kyogen [21st-29th] Mibu temple
Aoi Festival [1st] Kamigamo shrine, Shimogamo shrine
Kibune Festival [1st] Kibune shrine
Gion Festival [7th] on the corner of Shijo st. and Karasuma st.
Daimonji Gozan Okuribi [16th]
Seimei shrine Reisai [Autumnal Equinox Day] Seimei shrine
Mibu Kyogen [include the 2nd Mon., for 3days] Mibu temple
Era Festival [22nd] Heian Jingu
hitakisa [8th] Fushimi Inari Taisha
Joya-no Kane [31st] Kurama temple, etc.

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