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Kiyomizu Pottery

What is Kiyomizu Pottery

Kiyomizu pottery is a representative class of pottery of Kyoto. It says around the Kiyomizu temple there was many potteries was the origin of the brand. There is a monument of Kiyomizu pottery was founded and Pottery festival (you can buy pottery) opens Aug. 8th to 10th.

Characteristic of Kiyomizu Pottery

Kiyomizu pottery has two types; potter’s ware and ceramic ware. The both of them are fully hand made product. The Kiyomizu pottery is made by outstanding potter’s wheel technique and it has really thin body. Its lightness and thinness makes comfortable texture. Colorful drawing is also the remarkable point of Kiyomizu pottery. The origin of this came from the Tea ceremony. The ceremony is also the place of appreciation, and the pottery developed its style to fit.


In the 5th century there was ceramic pottery was in Kyoto. After the Azuchi-momoyama period (1573-1603), mass production condition was granted, which is the development of the Tea ceremony. And the pottery was called as “Kyo pottery”. And during the Edo period, a craftsman invented a new technique to be more colorful and brilliant. That became today’s Kiyomizu pottery basement.

Inherited Kiyomizu Pottery

Kyoto is a difficult place to obtain material (porcelain clay) so transported materials from other destinations. And it collected many potters as the result, developed varieties of techniques. More over, Kyoto was the center of aristocrats and they wanted to get more beautiful, more artistic pottery. Thus Kiyomizu pottery was developed and inherited until today’s our traditional crafts.

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