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What is Gion

The Gion area locates in the east of the Kamo liver side. The Gion is a representative shopping and entertainment district of Kyoto.

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What’s more the area is famous of Maiko (Geisha ) and there is Kabuki theater ”Minamiza”, too. Recently, by rise of bars, the traditional elegance is little interrupted but you’ll enjoy the street view. The Gion area is separated into two parts by Shijo street as the north and the south area, are protected the landscape and buildings by the Japanese government and the Kyoto city.


Yasaka shrine locates near the Gion area and it’s familiarly called “Gion-san” instead of the name of the shrine.
In the beginning of the Edo period, there was teahouse for the visitors to the shrine.
That is the origin of Gion.
The area was developed more by Maiko (Geisha) originated from women who served green tea and Dango (Japanese dumpling made from rice flour) to people who visited at teahouses. In the 19th century, Gion mastered raise, there was 700 tea houses, 3000 Maiko (Geisha).
The birth of the best of the best Maiko by compeeting their art of attends and dances until the beginning of the 20th century.
You must visit Gion district as you’ll enjoy the taste of the essential part of Kyoto history in here.

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