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Kyoto Tower

What is Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower locates in front of the Kyoto station’s north side. Including the basement, is has 131 meters height which is the highest building in the Kyoto city.

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The location of the Kyoto tower was Central Post Office Department of Kyoto. (It locates the eastside of the same area, now.) The land hit directly in front of the main entrance of Kyoto city central area, and Kyoto as a tourism city, so it should use for rich in public nature, Chamber of Commerce and Industry made a decision to build a Products and Tourism Center on the land.
There was no planning to build a large tower. However, the result of the study and consideration of the plan, it was able to build without to do a remarkable change of the structure to make a tower. So under the control of architects, professor of Kyoto University made structure planning.

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Building structure

The structure did not use ferroconcrete ones, but reinforced with special large cylinders. It took about 22 month to build in 1964.
The Kyoto Tower image a lighthouse which illuminates the city of Kyoto with out sea.
But it compare wave tile-roofing of town houses in the city to wave of the sea. But people believe because it is very similar to the shape of the candle is a local specialty of Kyoto.
Additional but the restaurant good outlook is available on the top floor. And there is a public bath on the third floor of underground.
* Mascot character It created in the 40th anniversary, in December 2004. Sex in women, personality seems to be unfussy.

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