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Yasaka-jinja Shrine

What is Yasaka-jinja Shrine

There are so many Yasaka shrines in every where of Japan. The Kyoto’s Yasaka shrine is the head quarter of those shrines (about 2300 shrines of Yasaka in Japan).

Yasaka shrin in kyoto

It is well known as a shrine of against evils, plague off and rush of business god. And also its famous of Gion festival which is the three major festivals in Kyoto and “Okera mairi” visits the shrine the last day of the year through the first day of the year is famous, too.


Yasaka shrine have been built about 150 years before of the construction of the capital in Kyoto. Previously, seems like there was no difference between temple and shrine but after modern age, it became a shrine.

Yasaka shrin history in kyoto japan sightseeing


Utsukushi gozen is not well known but the god of the building is famous for beauty of wemen. It says the first you drink the spring water of Gion Spiring, and then you should visit the shrine, the god help you to become more attractive woman. Many Maiko (Geisha) also visit here.

kyoto Yasaka shrin beauty

Seven enigma & mystery

  • Does not any raindrops from the shelf of Seiro gate
  • Under the floor there is flowing energy spot of the ground
  • Crap the entrance of main building roars the dragon of the picture
  • A fire breath monster exist in Yasaka shrine
  • There is a rock reach to the surface to the center of the earth
  • Become beautiful visiting Utuskushi-gozen by drinking spring water of Gion
  • A rock raises the cry
kyoto Yasaka shrin Seven enigma and mystery

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