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About Kyojapan

Recently,UNESCO was decided the registration of Japanese Food as intangible cultural heritage.
There is no doubt to increase interest to be into, is directed to Japanese culture with the advent.
In these flow, we are challenging brand new creative work to be a only one.
There are products and a variety of things in Kyoto, are historical(more than a thousand yrs. acumulated) or new cultures and sub-cultures.
We hope to collaborate those multi-cultural product and want to spread to all over the world.

Corporate Information

Company EVERESTRY Ltd.
Establishment 22nd Dec., 2009
Representative Masahisa Shimokawa
Buiness Internet Shopping Site Management
Constraction of Electronic Commerce Network
Web Site Building, Security Management, SEO
Computional Consulting
PC Troubleshooting Service
PC Data Recovery Service
PC Repair Service

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