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Green It seems like a word Green tea means all kinds of Japanese tea.Is it normal to add sugar or sweeten something to Green tea in occidental countries?Actually, real Japanese tea are totally different from which is common in foreign countries.

Types of Green Tea

When green tea introduced from the continent, it was used as medicine.
Green tea contains Catechin, Caffeine, Vitamin C, Carotin and variable minerals which helps our health.
There are many variations of Green tea but the tea tree is basically just one breed in Japan. And the place and condition, processes make totally different taste.
It is possible to classify four types of Green tea as two ways to cultivate and two ways of processes (under the sun or not, kneading or not kneading). The each factor makes tasteful tea. One of the three major tea production areas Uji is famous of Uji Green tea and Tea for Tea ceremony where has rich nature and perfect climate for tea tree.

Types of Green Tea

Leaf grew up not under the direct sun light uses for. It makes with kneading and dry. Rich aroma and mild taste is its characteristic. It classified as the most high class tea and it makes color of clear green tea.

Leaf grew up not under the direct sun light uses for. It makes without kneading and levigate. For tea ceremony use this tea. It is possible to use for sweets and cakes to enjoy more.

This is same as Maccha but before to be powdered.

Sprout leaf grew up under the direct sun light uses for. It makes with kneading and dried. The higher class of this tea has sweetness in aftertaste.

Kyo Bancha / Hojicha
After harvesting sprout leaf, there is harder leaf. This is the material for this kind tea. The characteristic is easy to drink. And sometimes uses for as condiment for river fish cooking.

Add rast whole-rice to Sencha or Bancha. Tasty aroma and touch are its characteristics

This uses the bottom part of Gyokuro tea leaf. It has simple but tasty interesting flavor but not expensive

Konacha is made by extra material of Gyokuro and Sencha. It has strong color and taste.Almost all of tea bags use this tea.

Leaf grew up under the direct sun light with opaque cover. It makes with kneaded sprout and dry. It has Gyokuro and Sencha characteristic

Tea set

There is Tea utensil for Tea ceremony but we would like to explain about Tea set for a house in here.
Every family has tea set for everyday to drink and for visitors.
Why don’t you try to prepare Japanese style tea for your important family and friends?

Tea set

This is a container for tea to keep it in good condition protecting from drying and moisuture. It is popular as crafts and for gift

A tray to carry tea set. As a part of manner, tea set have to carry on a tray..

This is a coaster not to dirt the table and normally hot tea serve so to protect table, too. There are several materials as ceramic, plastic, iron, wood, etc.

Normally, this is a mug cup for daily use. Size and form is depends on. This is one of the popular gifts and there is several price ranges

This is a tea pot especially for Green tea. Mainly, Pottery Kyusu is popular..



There is a wor “Ochauke” in Japanese. This is suggesting some snack or sweet which serves with tea. This custom is no matter of occidental or oriental. This is just like cookies with tea.
There are no rules for Ochauke. It could be sweet, salty, fruits, etc. Actually many sweet Ochauke prepares in many places but it became popular after 17th century.
Ochauke helps to taste green tea. And it helps not to stimulate the stomach with ingredient which contains Green tea.

Delicious Green Tea Preparation

First of all, prepare a selected Green Tea leaf to extract.
But if you prepare with wrong way, the taste and aroma does not appear appropriately.
So this time, we would like to introduce a way for Gyokuro.
Perhaps it sounds complicated but not so much with practice.
Please try it.

Delicious Green Tea Preparation
  • Leaf quantity …… 5-6g
  • Water temperature …… 70-80 centigrade
  • Water amount …… 180 ml for three people
  • Time …… about 1 minute
  • Kyusu …… 1p
  • Yunomi …… 3p
  • Hot water …… 180ml
  • Tea Leaf ……5-6g
Delicious Green Tea Preparation

Pour hot water to three Yunomi to warm up the cup and cool down the hot water.

While waiting 1, measure 60 gram of green tea leaf and put into Kyusu.

Pour back hot water of Yunomi to Kyusu and wait about one minute (don’t forget to cover the cap of Kyusu). Please don’t try to mix or move Kyusu. If its so, it mekes bitter the tea.

to keep same dense of tea, pour green tea little by little and changing Yunomi. Please don’t pour one by one. It should make rotation.

Second tea preparation, should not wait for one minute (using same tea leaf of Kyusu).
It takes about 1/3 of the first time.

  • ・Use boiled water
  • ・Use good water
  • ・Don’t use boiling water
  • ・If you use little more amount of Tea leaf, you can enjoy until to the third tea.
To keep Tea leaf

To keep Tea leaf

Green tea leaf is really sensitive. It affect by temperature, humidity, oxygen, sun ray, etc. What’s more, other materials aroma easily affect to its aroma.
Unopened tea leaf, please keep it in refrigerator. If you are planning to keep it for long term, keep it in freezer. (if you want to use it, please wait the temperature of tea leaf will be as same as room temperature.)
Once open the package, please keep it in where cool and no light.
The taste of Green tea is depends on its freshness. Please drink as soon as possible.

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