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Saihoji Temple (Kokedera)

What is Saihoji Temple (Kokedera)

Saihoji temple is registered as UNESCO World Heritage because it’s beautiful and unique garden of moss. Normally it calls as “Kokedera”.

Saiho Koke temple in kyoto


Kokedera was built as a villa of famous crown prince “Shotoku Taishi”. He was established the first constitution of Japan and many political improvement. In the 8th century, the villa changed to a temple “Saihoji” but at that time did not have the name of Kokedera.
In 1399, the ruined temple was restored but after years it burned out one time of battle and ruined two times by flood disaster. The garden started to cover by moss around this age. And people started to call as “Kokedera” which means moss temple.

Saiho Koke temple history in kyoto sightseeing


The garden is covered by more than 120 different types of moss and it just like a green huge carpet is covers the ground. As it calls moss temple, the sight of this temple is really unique even in the history of Kyoto. Of course, there is no other temple just like this in Japan.
In the autumn, maple trees red leafs are so beautiful. Green season is surely recommendable but the red season is also cannot look over. The teahouse in the garden has value to visit during the walking in the temple.

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