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Shichimi (seven tastes)

The main material is red hot pepper and adds 6 other spices. It prepares not always use the same spices and there are variations.

Japanese Spice seven tastes gourmet

Mainly serve with a noodle, stew and rice bowl with food on top. It uses as condiment for Japanese food.

The original Shichimi sales were carried 7 materials separately and mixed in front of the client as the taste of the client. The oral advertisement was interesting and some of the good at that part timely worked as a showman.
Even now, you can see the sales men on the street during the festivals. With gaining popularity Japanese stream in other countries, Shichimi became little more known even people does not know the name.

Sansho (Prickly ash)

Prickly ash is a representative spice as same as Wasabi of Japan. The young leaf of Prickly ash also alimentable, it has unique aroma and spur.

The history of Prickly ash was used in 165 hundred B.C. In general young leaf uses as garnish. As same as mint leaf, people hit across the palm before to use. Especially its affinity with bamboo shoot is good. Chirimen Sansho is one of the famous products of Kyoto. This is a dried young sardines and Prickly ash dried down with soy source. This serves White rice and popular for gift in Japan when the person traveled Kyoto.

Spice Prickly ash

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