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Mitarashi Festival

What is Mitarashi Festival

Shimogamo shrine (the north area of Kyoto city), owns and surrounded by a large forest.

Mitarashi Festival

The shrine is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage which passes on Heian period nature and culture. One of the festivals of Shimogamo shrine is “Mitarashi” festival. And also Shimogamo shrine is famous of “Aoi” festival since Heian period, which is one of the three major festivals of Kyoto. There are several other festivals of each seasons to pray for people’s health and against evils.
Mitarashi Festival is to bath your feet in water to pray for health and safety of the person. Mitarashi festival held in the end of June or the beginning of July. Cold water refreshes you during the summer season.
The date of the festival calls as “Doyo no Ushi” is good to eat eel not to suffering from summer heat. The deify god of the shrine is the source of the Mitarashi river which comes form a well.

Grace of God

  • Health
  • Long life
  • Beriberi
  • Easy delivery

Buy a candle (200 yen) and light it with a candle of small shrine locates beside the Mitarashi pond. Then take it and offer the candle to an alter next to the main building of the shrine.

Mitarashi Festival


When you bath the feet, please roll up hem over the knee. Sometimes find swimming child but of course it is prohibited. After the bath when you look back, you will find Shimogamo shrine’s gate and the bridge which is with plum trees.

Mitarashi Festival

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