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Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace)

What is Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace)

Imperial palace was the center of the politics until 1869 A.D. This means emperors was lived in there more than 1000 years where ceremonies and official duties was held in Kyoto.

Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is one of the prestigious buildings in Kyoto. Of course there are so many prestigious building in Kyoto but the Imperial Palace has the original figure until today. The building was repaired in 1855 A.D.
Kyoto Gosho land has 700 meters (East to West) wide and 1300 meters (North to South) long. It calls Kyoto Gosho but originally it should call as “Kyoto Gyoen”. Atcually, Kyoto Gosho is under the management of Ministry of the environment.
Kyoto Gosho is able to enter every day but you need permission and appointment of Imperial Household Agency. Around the Kyoto Gosho, there are many purveyors to the Imperial Court historical retailers.


The end of Nara period (710-794), it was confused political situation the emperor of the time was decided to move the capital to Kyoto. The first time of the construction Kyoto Gyoen was 2 kilo meters more to the West. But it burned out in 1331 and the actual location became the Imperial Palace of Kyoto and then Kyoto Gyoen. When it was the Imperial palace, the all aristocrats house and other was inside of the Imperial Palace. However after Tokyo became the capital of Japan, Imperial Palace is not necessary any more to have so large land, it rezoning the land and became Kyoto Gyoen (much smaller).

Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace gate sightseeing


  1. The West side the South Gate “Sakaigomon”, you’ll find a pond and garden which is well maintained. That is a part of a distinguished family’s house who moved with emperor when the capital was moved.
  2. Agata well The people who wanted to be a official agent was preying by purifying themselves with the water of the well. The well is not allowed to use today. And it’s not possible to drink the water anymore.
Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace highlight

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