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What is  Fushimi-inari-taisha

The Fushimi –inari-taisha of Kyoto is the head quarter of Inari shrine of all over the country. The total number of Inari shrine is more than 30 hundred.

fushimiinari shrine in kyoto

The main building of the head quarter locates the foot of the Inari Mountain. People believe the god is for agricultural productiveness, rises up business and trip safety. There are many visitors visit there and especially the end and beginning of the year will be so crowded as one of the five most crowded temple and shrines in Japan.

Attractive place

  • Samba InariNot the samba dance. If you take the candles left in front of the shrine building, labor pain will finish as long of the candle.
  • Hizamatsu-san If you pass through under the lifted root of the pine tree, the tree grants your wish.
  • Kodama pond It says the echo direction when you crap the hand, exist the person who you are looking for.
  • Oseki yashiro It says wonder-works for cold and asthma.
  • Yakurikishya It says wonder-works for every illness.
  • Ganrikisya It says wonder-works for eye disease.

fushimiinari shrine Attractive place in kyoto japan

For studying

It says wonder-works for studying. Even if its so, you have to try by yourself. The history of this shrine is new, established during Meiji period.

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