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Kyoto Hina Doll

What is Kyoto Hina Doll

Kyoto Hina doll is imitating the wear of imperial court dress, and the major stream of the Kyoto doll production line.

Kyoto hina doll festival Japan shopping

3rd of March is “Hina Festival” in Japan which is for girls wishing for their healthy growth. Normally, displays the Kyoto Hina doll and organize a small party.

The origin of Kyoto Hina Doll

In the Heian period, the stillbirth rate was high and as a part of magic ritual function, people put a doll in the bed room. The word doll writes as “Human Figure” within Japanese symbol. This means substitution of the owner. During the Heian period (794-1185), imperial court girls were playing with dress-up dolls which are called as Hina playing. The word “Hina” shows little cute thing. In the Muromachi period (1336-1573) the Hina festival of today was became popular with a party displaying gorgeous dolls during the aristocrat’s society. That became a mode and Hina festival got the position of national festival of today.

Two types of Hina dolls display

Actually there is two way of display of Hina doll such as Tokyo style and Kyoto style. Since the ancient time, the left position is higher than the right. If you stand in front of the display, the Kyoto style has the girl doll should locate on the left side. But the Tokyo style is opposite. Why does it happen? This is related a modern occidental culture. The Emperor of Taisho period started to stand opposite side as usual Japanese style when he was in his enthronement ceremony. Sometimes people does not care why its so.

Kyoto hina doll

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