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Daigoji Temple

What is Daigoji Temple

Daigoji temple is registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

Daigo temple in kyoto

The land has more than 6,600,000 square meters and famous of Shogun “Hideyoshi Toyotomi” planned a cherry blossom party of 1300 people. Daigoji temple is a temple stored the culture of paper and wood crafts and many important cultural treasures are exhibiting in the museum. Daijoji temple is contains upper Daigoji temple (Kami Daigo temple) of the mountain and lower Daigoji temple (Shimo Daigo temple) of the foot of the mountain.


In 874 A.D. Daigoji was established by a pupil of famous monk priest “Kukai” of Shingon Sect of Buddhism. After the establishment three emperors continuously became a believer of the denomination, the temple was developed and many buildings were built. In the long history of the temple, burned out several times, especially the battle of 1467 which continued for 10 years, except one tower, everything was burned out. The event which Shogun “Hideyoshi Toyotomi” planned a party, the temple was reconstructed with shogun’s support. During the Edo period (1603-1868), the temple developed getting a large amount of believer even imperial family and aristocrats. 。

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  • Shimo Daigo temple cherry tree of the museum:There is a 180 years old cherry tree, and it branch grew up horizontally. The branch has 25 meters long. During the season of cherry blossoms, it shines in the setting sun seems to go further increased its luxury.
  • Sampoin:Daigoji temple Sampoin building is a one of the representative building of Azuchi Momoyama period. The building constructed with three levels and the lowest level was made for two usages. If it removes the Tatami mat, the floor will be a Noh drama stage, which can get view of Noh from middle and higher level of the building. Shogun “Hideyoshi Toyotomi” was always fond of show and his characteristic can be shown through the temple.
  • Sampoin garden:It says the garden was made and planned even the details by Shogun for the cherryblossom party.
  • Sampoin Karamon:Sampoin Karamon (Sampoin Kara gate) was opened when receive imperial envoy not in other cases. In 2010 A.D. was restored and the gate is black lacquer base with decoration of Gold.

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