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What is  Byodoin

Byodoin is registered as UNESCO world heritage, was established 11th century. This temple is little different the others.

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The temple does not belong to any religious denomination. If you could not visit, please look at 10 yen coin. There is figure of the temple.


It says the original model of the Tale of the Genji, was owned the temple during the 9th century.
After that the emperor took over, 998 AD the minister Fujiwara owned. After the death of the minister Fujiwara, became today’s temple.

Byodo-in history in kyoto


Since 1990s, the result of scientific analysis restored the most of the part as original. And renewably opened a museum of Byodoin. (The architect of the museum got a prize of art). Unfortunately the back ground sight built 2 modern building and it interrupts the sight. To cover that, planted a grove, and we expect in few years will hide the new buildings; (these 2 modern buildings became a cause to establishment of a regulation of the city, to keep the landscape and sight).

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