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Uzumasa’s ox Festival

What is Uzumasa’s ox Festival

This festival holds as one of the annual events of Kyoryuji temple, The festival is registered as national intangible folk-cultural property in 1987

Uzumasa’s ox Festival

And it is known as one of the three interesting characteristic festivals.


During Heian period (794-1185), Eshin Sozu (Sozu is means Osho or monk) had a good dream after visiting Koryuji temple. And he built a Jogyo-nenbutsudo and hand carved Buddha statue triads. After that he enshrined Mandala. The oldest chronicles of Japan says, Koryuji temple was established in 603 A.D. with Buddha statue which was granted a Buddha statue by crown price and this is the oldest temple in Yamashiro area, Kyoto.

Uzumasa’s ox Festival

Schedule of the event

The shecule of the festival changed and arranged by the long time history. First of a person straddled on an ox appears with Mandala mask. After him comes red and blue devils such as four Devas follow. Before and after them there are people with lantern.
The procession walks around the temple and then gets into the precincts. The procession stop in front of the main building and Mandala start to read funeral address. Normally, the audience makes catcalling so it takes about one hour to finish.

Then Manadal and his four devas runs get into a building. When they lock the entrance door of the building, the festival is the end. A guide book which was published during Edo period (1603-1868) say Mandala was riding to ox backwards. Actually, Mandala ride to ox with right direction. And it seems like the ox was splinted for the festival. Perhaps there are some exaggeration but it is sure that the way was different.

Uzumasa’s ox Festival

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