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Yukata (Casual Kimono)

Yukata (Casual Kimono)

Yukata is a kind of Kimono. The major difference is does not use long undergarment, wears directly threw on.

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The cloth is weaved cotton with little more space than other Kimono Cloth. Mainly it uses during the summer and it’s for festivals, after the bath, night wear. And it’s also uses for dance practice. Yukata is easy to treat and washable with washing machine. Originally, Yukata was dyes deep blue but these days in modern culture, it became more colorful. And not only the designing, the cloth has more variation such as twine or polyester, etc. As custom of Japan, there are many hotels has Yukata as night wear but those a simplified (not well done and not original form).


It says the origin of Yukata is finding in Heian Period used for bath wear. Seems like, the material of original yukata was twine at that time.

After the era, in Edo period, it became popular wear in general. In the recent years, Yukata uses for the events and as mentioned previously for dance practice.

Yukata is not so expensive, was used as a present (order made Yukata) for favorite actors but not so common now. In the Sumo Industry still has this accustom to send Yukata as a gift. An exceptional information but Yukata is a formal wear for Sumo wrestlers during the summer time.

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