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What is Nishiki-tenmangu

Nishiki-tenmangu Nishiki-tenmangu locates near the Sinkyogoku shopping street and it deifies “Michizane Sugawara” as same as Kitano-tenmangu shrine.

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So the god of here is the studying and the business.


In 1003 A.D., the father of Michizane was moved to another and the place became a temple. But the location was not here. And in 1587 A.D., the city planning of Shogunate Hideyoshi Tokugawa, the temple dismantled to the actual location. And the temple was a shrine at the same time at that moment, however the reorganization of Buddhism and Shitoism, the temple was moved to the other place and the shrine left in there.

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About Michizane Sugawara

Since childhood Michizane Sugawara was good at studying. He was one of the aristocrats and one of the most important minister but he was punished and after that he was died cause of the punishment.
Later, Kyoto was affected by disasters and people thought the cause is Michizane Sugawara as he was punished by false charge, is planed Fujiwara Family.
The shrine was built to calm the disaster of Michizane.
The shrine has also another important function. The shrine has mission to prey for the national tranquil by imperial order.
And the shrine can be say headquarter of the shrines all over Japan. In Edo period when started a public educational system “Teragoya”, the picture of the Michizane became more popular with hanging scroll of the school.

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The entrance of the shrine was built in 1935, and after that the buildings were built to the both side of the entrance symbol.
However the entrance was over the land border so the owners of the building built their building as the size of the land.
That means the both side of the entrance is subsiding to the walls even the inside of the buildings.
The shrine land is not so big because it locates in the middle of the city area but it has several shrines and a spring as usual. There are many people who come for this spring water from far.

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