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Kodaiji Temple

What is Kodaiji Temple

Kodaiji Temple locates in the East area of Kyoto city and it is registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

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The temple always appears for the Japanese Art Course of historical books of school as its unique paintings. The temple owns many artistic, lecture materials and famous of them.


In 774 A.D. under the order of an Emperor established the temple. During Heian period (794-1185), it was dependent temple of “Jingoji” temple of the same area. But in 1206, Kozanji became independent temple. In 1547, all building was burned out except one building (“Sekisui-in” the national treasure now). After that, they dismantled the one building of “Nin-naji” temple as “Gondo” (main building) of Kozanji.

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  • The premier tea garden:Next to the Sekisui-in entrance, there is a separated area by bamboo fence. The area is the premier tea garden and from there started the history of the green tea. (Actually, it not working but there is a stone.) The origin of the cultivation tea plant was in the beginning of the Kamakura period (1185-1333). A monk was abroad to study Buddhism planted the seeds of tea brought from the continent.
  • Main building:The heart area of the temple where you can reach going straight, there is a main building which is dismantled the one building of “Nin-naji” temple as “Kondo” (main building) of Kozanji.
  • red leaves of maple in autumn:Kozanji temple is known as beautiful red leaves of maple in autumn. The streets will dress with leaves just like a red colored natural carpet are so fine. And also there are really old pine tree and Japanese cedar shows us the history.
  • Sekisui-in:In the building Sekisui-in, you’ll find a Dog wooden statue in the show case. In the temples statue, a dog statue is a really mere case. It says the dog was the pet of the priest who made the temple independently established in 1206 A.D. The author of the statue is a famous artist at that time, and the majority of his crafts are powerful but not this one.

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