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Kegonji Temple (Suzumushidera)

What is Kegonji Temple (Suzumushidera)

People calls the temple as “Suzumushi temple” (Bell cricket temple) but the original name is “Kegonji”, as it keep bell cricket whole seasons.

Suzumushi temple in kyoto japan

The temple has different atmosphere from other temples or shrines, it is something popular ambience and it sounds strange but people form a line for the temple visiting. The lecture of the temple priest is also popular as it is unique and easy to understand with back ground sounds of bell cricket and tea.


Suzumushi temple was established in 1723 during the Edo period. The priest was trained since twelve years old in Kyoto, Enryakuji temple to revival of “Kegon” denomination of Buhddism. When it was established had another name but in 1868 it became a Zen temple until now.

Bell Cricket

The bell cricket (Homoeogryllus japonicus) makes sounds such as a bell, people calls as “Suzumushi” which has meaning of bell insect in Japanese. The previous priest reached a one of the truth, important thing of a life is to live with innocence (Buhddism word) just like an insect. And they tried to tell the people by sound the idea (not by visual as there are many people don’t like those) for all seasons. Naturally, bell crickets lives for 110 days and it makes sound for only 20 days. Researched with ambient control, finally bell cricket make sound every day. It took for 28 years to realize it.


  • The garden:The garden The garden of Suzumushi temple is expressing the following; Vipśyin, śikhin, Viśvabh, Krakhuccanda, Kanakamun, Kāśyapa of Buhddism. And it can find rare breeds of bamboos with the background of Higasiyama Mountain.
  • A stone image of Jizo guardian deity of happiness:Normally, to prey to Jizo, people have to go to prey but the Jizo of here comes itself to your side. It says it is important to tell the name and the address.

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