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Kyoto Yuba

Kyoto Yuba

Kyoto Yuba is one of the variations of processed soy bean food. When heat soymilk, appears a film of plant-based protein on the surface of the liquid.

Yuba soy milk skin in KyotoJapan

Kyoto Yuba is different from Tofu does not use any extra material. The amount of Kyoto Yuba if you compare the amount of Tofu, Kyoto Yuba will be only about 10%.

There is another Yuba which make in Nikko near Tokyo. The Yuba film is doubled (has volume) and finish it fired. Kyoto Yuba is thin single film and finishes with natural seasoning.

There are some finishes of Kyoto Yuba such as Nama Kyoto Yuba (Pure Kyoto )

History of soy milk skin

As one of the materials of a maigre dish, Japanese soy milk skin is called the start by that Saicho brought Buddhism and tea, and soy milk skin home from China about 1200 years ago, and the first soy milk skin in Japan, It got across to Enryakuji Temple of the Tendai-sect-of-Buddhism head temple in Mt. Hiei located between present Kyoto-shi, Kyoto and Otsu-shi, Shiga, and having been sung to Sakamoto (present Otsu-shi, Shiga) of the Mt. Hiei foot as an old children's song remains in historical record. A longtime temple town called Kyoto and Omi (present Otsu-shi, Shiga) of 比叡山麗, the sunlight, and Minobu where soy milk skin was transmitted first is famous for Japan as a place of production. In Japan, call the soy milk skin pulled up protein skin (or pulling up soy milk skin), and it is made the material of cooking, and also eats as it is like sliced raw fish. Moreover, fucha dishes may be sufficient and it is used.

Yuba soy milk skin in Kyoto

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