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Ginkakuji Temple

What is Ginkakuji Temple

Ginkakuji temple has representative construction structure as same as Temple of the Golden Pavilion. The official name of Ginkakuji is “Jishoji” temple.

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The most important part is the main halls 2nd floor which is made with Muromachi period Higashiyama culture style. This style exists only in Ginkakuji, now. Ginkakuji means Temple of the Silver Pavilion. But it was never planed to cover with Silver leaf since the begging. Why does it class so? Ginkakuji was built based on the Zen mind.


Ginkakuji was established by 8th Shogun of Muromachi Shogunate (1336-1573), based on the Temple of the Gold Pavilion, which is grand father established. He was lived in there even not finished the construction and used for private and for official work. Ginkakuji is not large as Temple of the Gold Pavilion, but enough size to live a Shogun in there. But he could not see the completion of Ginkakuji temple. This is the reason as it was built as a villa but now is a temple. The villa changed into a temple after his death to mourn for him. Actually, the main hall and the east building exist now.

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The representative thing of Ginkakuji is the main hall “Ginkaku”. And the Zen garden is also one of the features. In front of the main hall, you’ll find a other denomination of Japanese garden with a pond.

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