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The kimono is Japanese traditional garment, the word being internationally recognized. Kimono has been an essential part of Japanese traditional culture, as you can see in the tea ceremony, ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement), and the performing arts like noh, kabuki and kyogen. In today’s Japan, the kimono tends to be worn only on special occasions, such as weddings, festivals, New Year’s visit to sehrines and graduation ceremonies. However, in Kyoto, where Japanese old tradition is alive, you will find countless kimono retailers.

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Traditional Crafts

Kyoto is also famous for its traditional crafts. You will feel the elegance of old-Japan in Kyoto textiles (Nishijin silk fabrics and Yuzen-dyed fabrics), potteries and porcelains (Kiyomizu-yaki and Kyo-yaki), paper products, and many other types of traditional crafts. These products are still created by skilled craftsmen who have inherited traditional methods and various techniques from the masters in the past. Kyoto city actively supports these craftsmen to revitalize its traditional industries.

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buddhist altar fittings Kyoto

Buddhist Altar Fittings

Buddism has permeated Japanese life so deeply that most households have a Buddhist altar to enshrine their ancestors. Kyoto is a Japan’s major production center of Buddhist altar and Buddhist altar fittings. Some of those products are manufactured by master craftsmen using various traditional skills and techniques.

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Toys and Games

In Japan, some traditional toys and games have been played and beloved by adults as well as children for centuries. These playthings include Japanese spinning top, Japanese traditional kite, and Ogura hyakunin-issyu (playing cards of one hundred famous poems). You can also enjoy looking at them as beautiful craftworks.

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Japanese goods in Kyoto

Culture Goods

The design of traditional culture goods from Kyoto reflects people’s aesthetic and practical values. Here you will find out how the products such as furoshiki (square wrapping cloth to transfer cloths, gifts, and so on) and wagasa (oil-paper umbrella which goes well with kimono) have enriched thier everyday life.

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