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Enryakuji Temple

What is Enryakuji Temple

Enryakuji temple locates between Kyoto prefecture and next prefecture. The whole mountain is the part of Enryakuji temple and it is registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

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The mountain name is Hiezan and Enryakuji temple also calls as Hiezan. It is not just registered as World Heritage, lot of national treasures and important cultural properties are in there. The mountain is assigned as protected area of avian life breeding ground.


The beginning of the Hiezan was in 788 A.D. A monk “Saicho” made his personal hovel for his desk work. After the time the Hiezan grew up which has 3 towers, 16 halls. An emperor of at that time commented “flow of the water, the spot on a dice, Hiezan monks, these are what I cannot control”. Hiezan had huge power more than a preference. The power holders of each period tried to strangle or remove the power of Hiezan. They promulgated oppressive regulation or attacks against Hiezan.
And the Hiezan was a temple to appear in great numbers of founder of Buddhism denominations. It is possible to say the origin of modern Buddhism in Japan.

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Konpon Chudo: hall is registered as national treasure. It has 37.6 meters width, 23.9 meters depth and 24.2 meters height. There is a light which is a not dying fire. It is continued the light since 8th century.

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