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Willowy Flounder

What is Willowy Flounder

A type of flatfish has tasty white fish. It use for Sashimi, Sushi, broiled in soy source, boiled, fried and other way preparations in Japan.

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And the winter season female flat fish has eggs; it is popular as one of the seasonal material in Japan. Popularly it pre-prepare as dried fish. Normally, a fish put the head as left but not this one in Japanese cuisine.
In Kyoto mainly it was used dried willowy flounder as material and it carried from Japan Sea through mountains of the North area of Kyoto. it says willowy flounder is sweeter than normal flat fish (sometimes express tasty as sweet in Japanese) and it was dialed as expensive material. The amount of landing willowy flounder is only 1% comparing with normal flat fish. It is a mere material.
The fish has nice taste fat and sensitive meet. When it boil the smell is different (nice) and it is understandable to be traded a material of value.

Dried Willowy Flounder and Way of preparation

Dried willowy flounder
Salt down lightly, fresh willowy flounder and spit. The spited whole willowy flounder prepare as shade-dried fish for one night.

Way of preparation
Normally shade-dried willowy flounder prepare as broiled. Of course it is good for oil related preparation such as deep fried or Tempura, too. And it’s also good for Ochazuke, Sushi, etc preparations.

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