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Kyoto Sweets

What is a Kyoto Sweets

Kyoto sweets are used as present at court, noble, temple, tea masters for a function or a ceremony.

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The most important points of Kyoto sweets are the following;

  • Eye: color and figure
  • Tongue: pleasant on tongue and taste
  • Nose: aroma
  • Ear: naming

We can say 5 senses are important. Also it says each two weeks changes season and Kyoto sweets must to reflect the season.

History of Kyoto Sweets

The origin of Kyoto sweets goes back to the time of a long distance. The Heian periods was already common for gift and present specially aristocrats society. It is reported, steamed, fried sweets were popular for aristocrats to eat between meal and ceremony/function. ‘cause of the demand, pastry chefs competed and tried to make new elegant and graceful but good taste sweets. Even the name of the sweets is the part of their work. As the result, Kyoto sweets generate new demands and developed original style.

Sweets history in kyoto

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