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what is Tofu

Tofu is known as Tofu cheese or soybean curd. Tofu is one of the most popular Japanese food as same as sushi.

Tofu Bean curd

The recipe was reached from china during the Nara period to Japan. Tofu makes with soy bean. First of all, select the fine quality bean and dip the bean in the water around 8-18 hours. Boil the material at the same time break it into shatters. Pour the liquid into a frame and adds “Nigari” which is bittern. Tofu has 2 types basically “Kinugoshi” and “Momen”, in a super market is you find “Firm” Tofu, that is Momen Tofu.

Gion Tofu

During the Edo period, the most famous food of Kyoto was Gion Tofu. Gion Tofu is a skewered roasted tofu. And serve with Shiro Miso paste (White sweet Miso paste) to dip the roasted Tofu. Originally had another name but the place was around Yasaka shrine (near Gion area), tourist called as Gion Tofu.

Tofu in Kyotoyasaka shrines gourmet


Kyoto is famous of Yudofu, too. Yudofu is a Japanese stew of Tofu and vegetables. Originally Yudofu was a kind of Shojin cuisine (for Buddhist monk). The soup uses “Dashi” soup stock contains lot of amino acid (so, it’s tasty), and it says the water is one of the most important fact for. Kyoto as known as famous Sake production (means fine water), these foods like Yudofu is still able to taste.

nanzen temple Yudofu in Kyoto

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