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Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi Dango

This is a skewered roasted rice dumpling with salt (soy source) sweet taste.

mitarashi dango rice dumplings

The touch is just like rice ball, and its roasted aroma and the source combine perfectly and people consume as a snack.

Origin of Mitarashi Dango

It says the origin of Mitarashi Dango is from Mitarai festival of Shimogamo shrine. When an emperor tried to wash his hand, popped a bubble then continuously came out four more bubbles. That is why Mitarashi Dango has four or five dumplings are skewered. Another tale says the dumplings represent human body such as head, hands and legs. It used to offer to god and take it into the body to be protected by super natural power. Who knows the truth but it’s interesting to look for a hidden history.

Japanese gourmet Shimogamo shrine

Popular shops

There are many famous Mitarashi Dango shop in Kyoto. Reasonably, the original place, around Shimogamo shrine is the most famous. Any day, any time, the shops are crowded by tourists and full of delicious smell. Of course, you can try there many food and snacks of wide variety. You’ll find a small Japanese garden beside the shops. If it is a fine day, you are able to enjoy the sun ray sitting outside red clothed bench. When you visit to Kyoto, why don’t you try to visit Shimogamo shrine and enjoy Mitarashi Dango. Feeling the atmosphere could be a good your trip’s memory.

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