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Saba Sushi

Saba Sushi

A famous Kyoto cuisine “Saba Sushi”, is a kind of a sushi uses mackerel. People of Kyoto were making Saba sushi for festivals or some fine day in their home.

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Saba sushi is special food for Kyoto people but Kyoto is away from the sea. It was transferred salt downed Mackerel over the mountains. And this transferred route calls “Saba” main road. Lately, there is no difficulties to get fresh mackerel, but the Saba sushi of its taste, is alive in Kyoto food culture.

Mackerel main road

Mackerel main road is a popular name of the route between Kyoto and Wakasa where locates facing the Japan sea Through the Mackerel main road carried diversity of fish other product of sea related as salt. The origin of the Mackerel main road is at least 12 hundred years before.

Mackerel main road in kyoto

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