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Saikyo Yaki

Saikyo Yaki

Saikyo Yaki is a preparation to cook the material pickled several nights in Kyoto-style sweet white bean paste and other.

Kyotostyle sablefish miso

It serves as a roasted dish. The material not only the fish could be meats, Tofu and vegetables. The most famous Saikyo Yaki in New York is Saikyo Yaki of pacific cod.

Saikyo Miso paste

Saikyo Miso is product of Kyoto, contains more rice bran than other Miso paste. It color is a white tinged with yellow and it is famous of the taste; almost sweet and less salt contains. The first day of a year, Saikyo Miso is indispensable fact for preparation of special food. And it’s known as main material of source for Saikyo Yaki. It makes with less fermentation and aging term, the material’s quality reflects to the taste directly. Fine material, traditional technique...... and the craftsmen mind produce a sensitive elegant aroma and taste is only for Saikyo Miso paste.

saikyo miso in KyotoJapan


The ancient capital, Kyoto grew up a unique seasoning, Saikyo Miso paste. The taste is totally different from other Miso paste what you’ve tried by using as we mentioned more rice bran gives sweetened flavor. When the capital was transferred to Tokyo (East Kyo), White Miso paste accustomed to call Saikyo (West Kyo) during the Edo period.

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