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What is Umaki

Umaki is a kind of rolled omelet which has broiled eel. The rolled omelet whithout eel calls as “Dashimaki”.

RolledOmeletteWithEel egg in Kyotogourmet

The preparation is as the folowing. Crack egg into a bowl and add Dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp).
Then mix it really well.
Warm up the pan and put the broiled ell then adds the liquid which was prepared little by little with rolling vertically.
After the cook complete the preparation using Sushi mat and cool it down. A rolled omelet will be juicy and soft when a good cook prepares.
For Sushi rolled omelet prepares much firmer than a normal rolled omelet. T
he most famous Umaki store locates in the Nishiki Market of Kyoto.
The price is around 500-1000 yen each small roll. Several famous stores locate in Nishiki.
Please compare each as they have different recipe.
Even it’s not hot after the time, it is deliscious. Why don’t you try Umaki and beer on the river side of Kamo River? (15 min by walking to the river)

Unagi (eel) and Kyoto

Umaki which has broiled eel in a rolled omelet is unique Dashimaki which is well known in the Middle West area of Japan and ell was popular fish for Kyoto people.
It says ell was eaten in Kyoto and there are many eel restaurants in the city. (In Japan, many eats eel in the summer but actually the summer is the worst season to eat eel as its taste. The best season of eel is in the end of autumn to the beginning of winter.) Who was a person invented Umaki recipe? Umaki is not popular around Tokyo area. There is no way to identify who was but its nice combination of fatty eel and egg got a dormant position in Kyoto cuisine. Please try it when you come to Kyoto.

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