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Atsuage (Deep Fried Tofu)

What is Atsuage (Deep Fried Tofu)

Atsuage is a kind of fried Tofu which cut to the half or not cut. The inside of tofu keeps as fresh so sometimes calls as raw fired Tofu.

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In the variable recipes of Shojin cuisine, the material, soy bean has high nutrition value and contains protein which is difficult to absolve from other vegetables. But the soy bean is difficult to eat as raw so one of the ways to cook soy bean, Atsuage was invented such as good flavored, keep interest, and long life food.

Deep Fried Tofu

By frying only the surface of Tofu, it keeps the original touch but spicy as fried and it is a good material for stew as the soup soak into Atsuage easily. Atsuage made with Kinugoshi Tofu, “Kinu Atsuage” has smooth touch than a normal Tofu’s Atsuage. Recently, puffy Tofu is on sale in Japan.
Cut Tofu into the half and fry the Tofu which is well removed the water drop. The oil temperature should be around 180-200 degree Celsius and the surface of Tofu changes into golden brown, it calls Atsuage.
Atsuage can use for broil, boil for dishes, i.e. with Oden soup, with soy source ginger flavored, etc. and it is popular in Japan as every kind of Japanese dishes.

Japanese Deep-fried tofu

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