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What is Fu

Fu is bread like food made of wheat gluten. Basically there four types of Fu which are boiled (Raw Fu), fried (Age Fu), broiled (Yaki Fu), and dried (Kanso Fu).

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These are made with same first material, but it depends on the process its touch are so different each other. Raw Fu and Kazari Fu (colored and shaped Fu) uses more in Kyoto and it is important material for Shojin cuisine and Kyoto domestic dishes. Some times, Fu use for sweets as well. The other way of usage of Fu is bait for fishing common carp.

Types of Fu

There are so many Fu types. For example in Kyoto, people use the following types

  • Kazari Fu:Kazari means decollated in English. Kazari Fu is colored Fu and make a shape of a ball, flower which is an important material for Kyoto cuisine which put importance to the visual and taste expression.
  • Choji Fu:This Fu has cube shape instead of affable cube. It says this Fu got the idea from the shape of the city.
    A general when he watching the city instinctively got an idea that Fu is important for provision of army but by the shape, it takes useless space of the carry.
    By the idea started to produce cube Fu after then.
    Choji Fu has line iron (just like brand iron) which shows the streets of the city to remember the people who lives in the city even they are under another sky.

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