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Yatsuhashi is a representative Japanese sweet of Kyoto which the materials are based on rice flour and sugar.

Yatsuhashi Kyotosweets gourmet

There are two types of Yatsuhashi which is pure Yatsuhashi and baked Yatsuhashi like cookies. Based on the statistic analysis, 96% of the people buy sweet for gift. And 45.6% of the 96% bought Yatsuhashi. The origin of Yatsuhashi is not apparent but it should be around 1689 A.D., one of the teahouse of Konkaikomyoji temple served.

Characteristics of Yatsuhashi

Baked Yatsuhashi is a sweet of Kyoto uses rice flour and sugar. Mix them with cinnamon and bake the steamed dough. The raw Yatsuhashi does not bake the steamed dough which is new type (in 1960). This raw Yatsuhashi is easy to contrive for other or to combine with other. So many production makes their original style raw Yatsuhashi even with chocolate or fruits.

Originally Yatsuhashi was wrapped with bamboo sheath but lately uses vacuum-seal plastic bag. It is too famous, all area around Kyoto you can find easily.

Characteristics of Yatsuhashi in Japan


The ancient capital, Kyoto grew up a unique seasoning, Saikyo Miso paste. The taste is totally different from other Miso paste what you’ve tried by using as we mentioned more rice bran gives sweetened flavor. When the capital was transferred to Tokyo (East Kyo), White Miso paste accustomed to call Saikyo (West Kyo) during the Edo period.

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