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Kyo Yuzen-zome Cloth

What is Kyo Yuzen-zome Cloth

Kyo Yuzen is one of the traditional craft of Kyoto. The way of paint silk the cloth this was invented in 1688-1704. Draw a picture and patterns over a white silk cloth using Kamo river water.

Kyo Yuzen-zome Cloth japan


A fan drawer Yuzen established this technique. There was an interdiction of luxury which was prohibited to use gold or silver thread by Shogunate at that time. Yuzen’s design and its beauty made a modern and expanded between the upper class societies. After cancelation of the interdiction Kyo Yuzen became more gorgeous by using gold and other materials.

Kyo Yuzen-zome Cloth japan

 Division of labor

Kyo Yuzen has almost 20 processes from designing to the product. Each process is done by special craftsmen, so there is a person who controls the process as a manager or producer. Normally the dying craftsman will be that position. He/her makes plan to achieve to the order of the clients.
Kyo Yuzen has two ways to produce; free drawing or using a cut pattern. The traditional Kyo Yuzen is the way of free drawing based on another craftsmen make. It says Kyo Yuzen is the finest quality of dyed cloth.

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