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Kyoto Buddhist alter fittings

What is Kyoto Buddhist alter fittings

Buddhist alter fittings are instruments use for Buddhism ceremony, are different from usual tools.

Buddhist alter fittings Kyoto Japan

Kyoto could say the capital of Japanese Buddhism and there are so many temples of each religious denomination. As satisfying these temples, Kyoto Buddhist alter and Buddhist alter fitting industry was developed. The major part of the production in Japan is made in Kyoto.


The Kyoto Buddhist alters and Kyoto Buddhist alters fittings started with introduction of Buddhism. After that the diffusion of Buddhism, the style of the Kyoto Buddhist alter and Kyoto Buddhist alter fittings separated as number of the denomination. And each people home started to have a part of the temple, which is Buddhist alter.
Kyoto Buddhism industry began around 8th century, and the industry started to develop about 11th century. During the 17th century, as a institution of research of the regional population, it became a obligation to set at least one Buddhist alter in home and the demand of Buddhist alter was raise.
Even now, Kyoto is the major production area of the Buddhist alters but not only the quantity. The quality of itself is also stand out from others. The Buddhist alter form is depends on the denomination. This makes difficult to mass production. And a Buddhist alter is combination of various techniques such as wood craft, metal craft, lacquer, etc. more than 40 different specialist related with a Buddhist alter.
Buddhist alter fitting means everything which uses for Buddhism. Even only the major thing, the list of names will be several hundreds, and surprisingly everything is hand made. Actually the 70% of the product is for temples of Japan and 30% for domestic use of the Buddhist alter industry of Kyoto. There are some studios permitted to look on how to keep the tradition in public.

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