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Happi Coat

What is  Happi

Happi is a kind of coat which mentions traditional Japanese thin coat. The use of happi is for festivals or craftsmen use as it ease to put on over other clothes.

happi coat Kyoto festival

Normally it has length of until the waist or until the knee length.
Happi doesn’t have a collar even pair of strings to tie kimono or haori not to be opened.
Originally there were both types with strings and no strings to tie. But during the Edo period it became no strings as Happi. So the manning is Happi is always open. Originally, it used by Samurai with the family crest, then craftsmen and firemen were imitated the style. And generally, Happi put its belonging / policy / name, etc. The Beatles was wearing Happi and jumped off from the airplane when they came to Japan.

Actual Happi Coat

Actually, Happi is the formal uniform for firemen and sometimes there is chance to see; i.e. the first day of the year or other events. This is a tradition which is continued since Edo period (1603-1868). And Happi is also use for uniform where many third people gather to cheer up and to liven up. For example, a football game or a bargain sale of retail store. Japan Air Line was used to espouse Happi as first class grown.

happi coat Kyoto festival ,Japan

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