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Hyakunin-isshu (The 100 Poems)

What is Hyakunin-isshu (The 100 Poems)

Hyakunin-isshu (traditional plaything in Japan) is a “hundred cards” is written a hundred poems. A poet Sadaie Fujiwara chooses the hundred best poems during the beginning of Kamakura period (1185-1333).

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Hyakunin-isshu is made and selected by Sadaie Fujiwara personally. The original was he selected a hundred poems for a family of a samurai ordered for the slide door ornament.
Sadaie choose the poems of 592-1333 great poet poems by the order of the year and written in cards. Officially, it says Hyakunin-isshu was established in early 13th century.
The end of the Muromachi period, Hyakunin-isshu became a learning material for poem begginers and during the Edo period become a popular plaything.

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The original way to play

A person recites a poem and others look for the card. The person has more card at the end is the winner. Of course, there is another way to play even if you cannot read in Japanese.

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