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The recoated the surface of the lacquer wares to be purified from the sap of the lacquer.

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Normally, this calls as “Japan” which was one of the most known products of Japan in the beginning of the modern history. Originally, lacquer was the technique of china before Heian period was polished and was established in Japan.
Heian period developed to combine gold and Muromachi period fused with the mind of tea ceremony. It developed and innovated with each period and people’s taste.

Kyoto lacquer has especially strong characteristic of the traditional lacquer which is not modernized. It deeply contains “Wabi Sabi” which is the original part of Japanese traditional culture. And Kyoto lacquer is famous of it elegant looks, gorgeous finish, sensitive taste, also it has full of perseverance which the others are not possible to have. Some of them take to make a one product, more than 180 days.

 History of Kiyomizu pottery

The most famous elegant and sensitive pottery in Japan is Kiyomizu pottery which makes next to the Kiyomizu temple, and around there. Kiyomizu pottery couldn’t say the origin of the Japanese pottery but we can say where make the base of the development of the Japanese ceramics. Kiyomizu pottery has too much variety of the characteristics, each pottery has different characteristic, which means almost all characteristics of Japanese pottery in Kiyomizu Pottery. Even the steps for the modeling the material, is not similar.
The origin of Kyoto pottery is about 12 hundred years ago, a monk was making earthenware.

Many potters came to Kyoto to learn the secrets. I.e. the rural potter came to Kyoto and became to the one of the top quality potter. Of course, Tea ceremony affects as same as other crafts and culture, to pottery finish.

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