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Tango Chirimen Cloth

What is Tango Chirimen Cloth

Tango Chirimen is a kind of high class cloth of fine winkles which produce in the North area of Kyoto. The Tango area consumes and produces a one third of silk thread consumption. Normally the product ships with out any color to Kyoto, Muromachi whole sellers. And then it dyes and sews as a product what we see.

Tango chirimen crepe in Kyoto


The cloth of Tango Chirimen use the vertical thring without torsion and the horizontal thring is twisted about 3000 times. When the cloth is done, as physical reaction of horizontal thread, the cloth makes uneven surface. This uneven surface is the characteristic of Chirimen cloth. The cloth is difficult to be creased as the uneven surface, and its three dimensional surface, the finished product diffuses reflection of light which makes more colorful finish. And normally Chirimen was technique only for silk but lately, there are products of made with polyester and rayon.


Tango Chirimen established in 1720 A.D. as same as today’s product which maximize the texture and touch. A person was trained of Tango area of Kyoto learned and trained from an traditional manufacturing factory of Kyoto city and he made a industry where he was born and established the Tango Chirimen which is the major Chirimen cloth production area of today. His achievement, the mind and the technique are succeeded to the people.

Tango in Kyoto Japan

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