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what it Amulet

Charms are the goods for against evils or fortune, which is peoples wish to incomprehensible super natural powers.

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There are many types of charms in the world. The put-on type and deified in a house type are major in Japan.

Puton charms

Normally calls “Omamori” is a small tag blessing with the god of the shrine in a cloth with patterns with gold thread. It could be in a key holder, card type to put in a wallet and other types. Each Gods of each shrine has each field of good at, so before to wish and get the amulet, we recommend checking before to go.

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Deify in a house type

This type of amulet calls “Ofuda”. The Ofuda has the autonym of the god and symbol of the god. And an important thing is mentioned from which shrine was given that blessing. Well Kyoto has so many shrines so let us give just an example. ”Atago” shrine blessing is well known as fire prevention. Atago shrine’s Ofuda is able to find in many kitchens, tea space of the office, etc. it says if a person visit and get the blessing of Atago shrine before 3 years old, the person will not burn out during the whole life. Almost all houses have this Ofuda of Atago in Kyoto.

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